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About Dr. Uche

Dr. Chidi Uche is an experienced US and British Board-Certified Physician who specializes in Family Medicine and Urgent Care Medicine. Dr. Uche has over 20 years’ experience in medicine and has gained a plethora of experience including international and marine medicine throughout his career. Dr. Uche served as the onboard medical director for a popular cruise line. This position enabled him to refine his critical thinking skills.

Upon completion of residency training in England, he completed a second residency in Columbus GA. Dr. Uche has practiced medicine on three continents: Africa, Europe and the USA, giving him vast international experience in various areas of medicine.

Dr. Uche has extensive experience in the medical industry, and is currently certified. Dr. Uche has compassion and a plethora of knowledge which are key elements in a practice. Even in today’s ever-changing healthcare industry, Dr. Uche takes the stance that “The patient’s needs are priority and above anything else.”

“Jacksonville Total Care Medical Care” welcomes you to the practice.


  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • American Medical Association
  • Licensed in Florida – Georgia – California – Nevada
Dr. Chidi Uche